Laptop care tips at home

Nowadays we all own laptops for our work or personal purpose. It has become one of the daily necessities. Although we use it everyday, we do tend to forget to take care of it. As a result, sometimes problems occur with our laptop and it ends up in the shop for servicing. Most of the time might take a day or two. Sometimes it even takes longer, like a week. This can easily hamper our work schedule.

Today I am sharing how you take care of your laptop regularly at home.


We often keep our laptop plugged in to the adapter. Some of us find this convenient and rest claims it helps with the battery life. But this is a mistake. We cannot charge a battery after it has been charged fully. Keeping the laptop plugged in after the battery is fully charged, reduces the capacity of battery. So, a laptop which can give 8 hours backup may not be even able to 4 hours backup in the long run.

It is better to recharge after the battery has reached 25% or 20%. Sometimes it’s okay to use upto 10% of the battery, if it’s inconvenient for you.


Cleaning the laptop is very important, specially in Dhaka, where dust is everywhere. You can use a cotton cloth to clean the dust off of the laptop. 

Use a wet cloth or wet wipes to clean the keyboard three times a week. This will make sure that the dust does not get inside the keyboard. Avoid having food near the laptop. If the crumbs from food get inside the keyboard, it will attract ants. Ants can destroy keyboards if they get underneath the keys.

Use cloths that get used to clean glasses to clean the laptop's screen. It is not wise to use wet cloths or tissue paper to clean the screen. Wet material can leave marks on the screen. Take a glasses cleaning cloth and rub the screen gently, this will do the necessary cleaning. 


One of the most important things is to keep an eye on the heat of the laptop. Laptop gets heated up while running. If the heat doesn’t get emitted continuously, it becomes harmful for the laptop. It is helpful to use the laptop on a table. If you are using the laptop on the bed or some other place, it is helpful to have a stand with a fan to place the laptop on. The fan helps with emitting the heat generated by the laptop.

The chance of you facing laptop issues will reduce, if you follow these simple, easy and quick steps. These will not take much time out of your day but these steps can save your laptop from staying in a service shop/center for a day or two or even weeks.

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